In a successful customer acquisition campaign, obtaining leads should not be the ultimate goal. Achieving sales or closure from these leads should be.

If you are scaling your campaigns without understanding the lead-to-sale conversion rate it can be disastrous. To scale your digital marketing this way you need to connect the dots between the click, the lead and the deep funnel metrics such as MQL, SAL, SQL, Opportunity etc. and the final sale (even if offline).

Deep Funnel Optimization
Solution to a Successful Customer Acquisition Program
  • Design the right AdTech and MarTech integrated framework to track end-to-end performance
  • Measure the performance across the lead lifecycle down to a keyword and an ad by channel
  • Optimize overall media mix for opportunities and sales, not just for leads
How we do it
  • Leverage our proprietary platform PULSE to integrate data from the Marketing stack and CRM or any sales database
  • Optimize and scale your campaigns based on deep funnel metrics

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Deep Funnel Optimization
Learn more about how our Paid Acquisition team implements Deep Funnel Optimization for our clients.
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From a metrics perspective, the amount of efficiency we've been able to wring from the Position2 PPC channel in the face of really interesting challenges (increasing budgets and an increasingly competitive landscape, etc.) has been phenomenal.

Eric Nalbone - Head of Performance Marketing, Kabbage, Inc

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