Make Your Marketing Count
How often have you returned from a successful event or tradeshow with a long list of names, titles, and emails, only to have them fade away with no conversions in a few months? Or maybe you input the contacts into your marketing automation database, but you were adding them to an ever-expanding list that included many obsolete names. Lots of work, high budgets, high anticipation for tradeshow and event participation…. but not enough conversions!
9 Questions You Should Ask Yourself
  1. Do I have clear, specific marketing goals that are aligned to my business goals?
  2. Does my company’s differentiator shine through in my branding?
  3. We are ready for business, but how can we get our target audience to find us? What keyword searches is my website ranking for?
  4. Do I have my ideal buyer personas profiled with key challenges, goals, and demographics?
  5. Does my messaging and content connect with each target audience?
  6. What is my lead nurturing process? Do I currently have a structured, systematic process in place?
  7. Are my marketing and sales teams aligned, and do they work collaboratively?
  8. Is there an effective feedback mechanism that helps me tune into the voice of my customer?
  9. Do my marketing metrics leverage key insights so I can optimize my marketing dollars in future campaigns?

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